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Litigation Trademark Issue

Trademark Infringement Dispute (Civil or Criminal); Ownership dispute; Trademark administrative litigation brought by trademark administrative decisions and rulings; Dispute over trademark transfer, licensing agreement.

Non-litigation Trademark Issue

Designing trademark and brand protection strategies, and general trademark management advice for the company; Providing trademark search and consultancy services; Trademark registration applications domestically and abroad; Trademark refusal reviews, opposition, disputes, and cancellation cases; Acting for the renewal and change of registered trademarks; Acting for trademark customs recordal protection and customs brand protection training; Conducting raid action for trademark infringement cases (including MSA, PSB, and Customs) and follow-up; Providing market survey and evidence collection of trademark infringement; Providing legal services for commercial transactions of intellectual property rights,  including drafting, modifying, and reviewing legal documents related to the transfer and licensing of trademark rights, and acting as an agent for licensing and transfer of trademarks; Design of trademark training courses; Preservation of evidence of trademark use.

Litigation Patent Issue

Disputes over the ownership of patent application rights; disputes over the ownership of patent rights; disputes over infringement of patent rights for inventions; disputes over infringement of patent rights for utility models; disputes over infringement of patent rights for designs; disputes over rewards and remuneration for inventors and designers of inventions created on duty.

Non-litigation Patent Issue

Patent infringement market investigation and tracking and surveillance services; design of patent infringement avoidance solutions; patent infringement analysis reports and legal opinions; design and negotiation of patent licensing and transfer proposals; free implementation of technology (FTO) analysis; patent operation; patent value assessment; patent training course; Patent reexamination and invalidation; patent administrative complaints and administrative rulings; domestic and foreign patent applications; domestic and foreign patent search and novelty checks; patent annual fee management; profit customs filing.

Anti-Unfair Competition
Filing for unfair competition litigation against registered trademark and the unique names, packaging, and decoration of well-known commodities; Filing for unfair competition litigation or administrative complaints against infringement of corporate name; Filing for Unfair competition litigation or administrative complaints against the infringement of domain names and website names and webpages; Filing for unfair competition lawsuits against false advertisement; Filing for unfair competition lawsuits against infringement of trade secrets.

Disputes over ownership of copyright; Litigation and legal affairs of copyright infringement; Disputes over infringement of computer software; Negotiation and signing of copyright licensing or assignment contracts; Copyright Registration; Drafting or review of copyright-related contracts; Administrative raid action of copyright infringement cases (including MSA, PSB, and customs); Market survey and evidence collection, report analysis of copyright infringement; Copyright protection strategies and risk analysis of film, television, and other media.

• Corporate Governance

Provide updates on laws, regulations, and industry regulations; Provide compliance reviews of various legal documents and business transactions; Design and establish the company's internal audit system ; Establish and improve company internal rules;  Design and optimize corporate governance structure;  Participate in major business negotiations;  Provide legal training;  Compliance consulting for products and services; Provide legal advice on risk handling and management.

•  Foreign investment
Providing legal advice to foreign-invested enterprises on the localization in China and related industrial policies; Providing legal services to foreign-invested enterprises on reinvestment and financing;  Drafting various legal documents for clients and participating in business negotiations of investment projects; Assisting foreign-invested enterprises to complete the registration procedures for changes in registered capital, amendments to articles of association, and replacement of senior management personnel; Solving various legal problems encountered in the daily operation of foreign-invested enterprises, such as human resources, labor, finance, and taxation;Representing foreign-invested enterprises in arbitration and litigation to resolve legal disputes; Provide legal services on the dissolution and liquidation of foreign-invested enterprises.

Foreign-Related Legal Affairs

International registration and transfer of IPR; Protection of overseas  IP exhibitions ;Resolution of international trade dispute; Negotiations of International trade;Foreign law firm docking;

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